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Glastonbury Abbey
The official Glastonbury Abbey website with information on the Abbey, official times and events, and photos of the famous site in Somerset.

The Camelot Project
The Camelot Project at Rochester University uniquely covers Arthurian text, images, bibliographies, and basic information. This is a good source for those interested in Arthurian tradition.

King Arthur: A Man for the Ages
This site explores into both the History and Legends of Arthur. The popular conception is of a King Arthur, with his lovely queen and noble knights, and the Round Table, and Excalibur, and the Holy Grail, and all the other trappings. The scholarly conception of Arthur is of a war leader in post-Roman Britain, fighting against the encroachment of Saxon settlers. This site examines both conceptions.

Arthurian Resources
A site with loads of articles on Arthurian subjects. Everything from Arthur to the land of Britain to other characters in tradition are extensively looked at and covered.

King Arthur on Britannia
In Britannia's award-winning King Arthur section, you can visit the sites that are associated with Arthur, explore the historical evidence for his existence and discover Glastonbury, the legendary center of the Arthurian universe. Also available are original sources and texts, biographies of Arthurian characters, maps, reading lists and more.

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